Memory Disorder

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

I don't wanna go back!!! I don't wanna go back!!!

Ten days of food, tit-bits, mandarin oranges, pretty cloths and fireworks resulted a temporary memory loss. As if I was in a different world, like Neverland, all my problems gone!!

I had a great Chinese New Year. In fact, never it has been this good! Eating all the time, watching drama series and sleeping forever plus occasional parties....every one's ideal kinda life...just being useless.

Memory Disorder-People suffering from high level of depression and other stress related disorders, traumatic memories are a source of anxiety as they affect brain's processing of memory

Half way enjoying my holidays, I totally left all my current responsibility behind my head. It's like those chaotic problem don't exist in my life. Totally forgot about them until someone reminded me about it. Only then I realized that I'll be going back to a whole pile of trash.. damn..

Everyone forget stuffs occasionally. But memory blanks are by choice. The brain chooses to forget about it. If severe, permanent memory loss happens. Usually, our mind chooses not to remember bad things or unhappy occasions (traumatic) . Stress is the main cause of recall disabilities in young people.

I'm young and suffering from temporary memory loss..
I hope it was a more permanent one..


Leadership: Taking Control of Life

>> Sunday, January 23, 2011

Q1. The first thing you do when you get up every morning is
a) Turn on the computer
b) Check on your phone for missed calls or messages
c) Look for food
d) Brush you teeth
e) all of the above...depends on my mood...

Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. (Northouse 2007 p3)

Are these you common dilemma?
1. What time should I get up tomorrow...
2. Should I attend the 8am class tomorrow...
3. Or, should I go for the 6pm class later...
4. Computer games or assignments or tutorials or computer games...
5. Shopping or shopping or church or...

Irena, how can I be a leader just like you?
Sounds familiar?
Or are you the one that tell me this all the time?

We measure a good leader by the number of follower, amount of boldness to voice out an opinion and the number of successive idea buyer.

Everyone is a leader.
Don't think that being able to achieve big is the major traits of a leader. That's not true. When you can do things by logical evaluation rather than according to mood, then you are in control. Just do it. Even when you're angry, sad, emo or sick. Do whatever you can until the point of dying..then only stop.

Don't let others influence your decisions. The rain is not a good excuse when you're late for classes or work. So for not being able to get up in the morning. It doesn't tell the lecturer how smart you are, it only shows that you're irresponsible and lame. Also, dun allow your friend to entice you into breakfast, lunch, dinner or computer games that will stop you from doing what you've intended to do.

Many of us often feel that we have little control of life by blaming on the faintest idea we had of our destiny. A good leader is someone that can decide for themselves, and carry out what they have set and turn it into habits.

Take control of the little things in your life, then you can take control of huge things in the world.
Have a good life, be a good influence.


Courage doesn’t mean that there’s no fear

>> Friday, November 19, 2010

Whenever I shared some of my mischievous adventure in my adolescent hood, I often receive eye-popping, jaw-drop expression from my audience. They consider me bold. Well, I’m not going to tell you about what are the things that interest my listeners, but I’ll share on something else. (If curious, please refer to subject title)

Have you ever taken a ride on a roller coaster, solero shot or tried bungee jumping? Or should I ask, do you dare? Some people, no doubt, have the kind of boldness that loves to engage in dangerous games or activities. Take me for instance; I have no qualms of speaking in public. No amount of fear can creep into my list of emotions that is already overwhelmed by excitement and joy. That is boldness. Boldness is the trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger. Public speaking is not dangerous, but is threatening. Threatens one’s image!! LOL..

Conversely, there are others that made that choice to conquer the fear in them and courageously take the ride on that roller coaster. Maybe the outcome might cause the person to never ride on it again. But at least he tried!! Courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution.

Have you ever cheated in a school test? Often than not, we would easily stir courage into treacherous events that sometimes risking our future or betting our lives. However, when did we ever take courage to respond to our conscience??

Question: Have you ever been invited to do something that is opposing your principles and values?

1. Did you follow others without much thought because majority are doing it?
2. Or did you accept such invitations out of obligation to maintain a relationship?
3. Did you keep quiet and smile as you decline?

Fear is the primary causation to all of the above reactions. Hey!! Just be courageous be adherence to moral principles. Do what is intended and say what you mean. Integrity is the best policy to success. Stand firm and say no when invited to share answers in the next test. Courageously speak up when you see others involving in unethical businesses. Tell them the of the principles of your believe and values, explain the consequences and encourage them to return from their wicked ways!! (Hahahaha)

I'm pretty bold in alot of things, but not always courageous in putting things right.
Courage doesn’t mean that there is no fear. We have to overcome that fear courageously.


smiling back

>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm really enjoying my campus life. Finally, I smiled to the day's end. While closing my day and preparing for tomorrow's lab, I reflect on things that happened in the past few weeks and I smiled at those foolish things I did.

UTAR is worthwhile after all. I'm confident that, if I ever set foot on these grounds again after i graduate, I would be smiling.

Feel that its a waste that only one more year left. Too late to enjoy each others' company. So sad!!!

I love campus life ^^ Let's continue to make it happening and enjoyable..


Kenna Chua Tze Yin

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Lui Lui~~

It's a red lobster...^^

Not very big la, very small only..about 5cm.

Kenna means red and fiery.. Very fierce leh. Each time I touch it, it will show it's kem kem (Crusher Claw).

How did I know it's a female?? I dunno, wait till it we see eggs la~~


Food Chem

>> Thursday, May 27, 2010

My food chem lecturer very cute. Remember i told you about the lab lecturer that got angry because i left the lab without permission?? that's her. Met her today to get next sem's notes. Then she flipped through the notes and came across a 3 pages notes which she xerox from a text book and she say we need to memorize all those stuff.

Accidentally, I said "wow, this is so crazy. that's alot to memorize leh. "
Then she said " sometimes a little bit of crazy is good you know??"

GG man

Very bz already. Can't imagine how's my life when the semester starts.


My trip to Debak, Betong, Sarawak

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When I typed out those 6 words, images are flashing across my mind. I don't know where to start and don't know what to leave out. So I'll let you ask if you really wanna know about the trip. I might gather something and tell u a great story before the weight in my heart causes me to be teary...

I'm blessed because He blesses me
I'm blessed because I can bless you with what He blessed me
I'm blessed because He blesses you too
I'm blessed because you bless others with what He blessed you
I'm blessed because I'm one of the others you blessed


onion head

>> Monday, May 17, 2010

Holiday liao ah?? hehe..had a slow ride to campus today, what a cool morning. So many people there preparing to go for community service(wei soon~~~were u there too?? or back at home curi tulang-ing??). I also going for CS..but commissioned by God. Leaving for Kuching tmrw at 1.50pm from LCCT with NO delay. Amen

this is my onion head. They say when the shoot started growing, then cannot eat liao ma, so i let it grow..Who say planting need suitable soil?? If dun have good soil, get a suitable plant!!

Try plant cucumber next time. How long does it take to bear fruit ah?


banana also cannot use

>> Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saw this today at Block B.. "motor"bike leh..can see the peddle? Heard that it cost abt 1K. Better buy a good mountain bike with that money..heh

The brand. POWER!!

Quite good leh, got build in hon, light and signal light la

but y all mandarin one?? Banana also cannot buy loh..

The max speed is 60 only..hahaha..quite fast leh. Can go ipoh in about 2 hrs. not bad.
Guess what it is fuel on???

Tadaa~~~brands!! nola, it runs on electric. jz saw this in the front basket.

Wanna buy? 1K only leh..
Got alarm also. Cz i park my bike (w/o motor) next to it, then my super huge bum(dunno is it my bumbum too big or the bike too big) terknock it then it started singing. I walked away.haha What could i do?? pull out the wires? Anyway, it stopped before i stepped into Block A.


stinky cake

>> Thursday, May 6, 2010

Before the bowl of eggs were poured into the waste, he held back. "What a waste" he thought. But if he goes on the bake, the cake would stink!! Stinks like 臭豆腐. "It wouldn't cause any harm by consuming it. How then can i remove the smell??" He look at that bowl of eggs and covered his nose and shook his head" Ohh, that smell...disgusting!!". So he called up his 'si fu' (teacher) and ask for guidance. "Add some white vinegar!!" Si Fu said.

So he added some white vinegar....

The feast was great, the party was happening and the cake was awesome.

The chef accomplish his mission, the master got his cake and the guests marveled it.

A computer output without any input and processing is a miracle.
An action or comment without consideration is moronic.


chichibabin reaction

>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

After sitting one stupid paper, I'm in the slacking mode...haha
So i facebooked. hahahahah I facebook man!! Then I found out that fb has default security that privatize all the personal information. Cz I tot everyone can see everything since i didn't change the degree of i was wondering why some weird ppl still wanna add me when they can see everything...rupa-rupanya they cant, hah...So now i tighten the security liao, cz got ppl abusing the cyberspace. U see, I don't really like it when ppl intruding my private life. Those pictures over there are for friends to see only. Not to circulate as jokes. That's y I stop faceboking. Cz everything I said, I did and I do, the whole world will start to know. Really lor, those are for freinds only. If u're my friend then u hv the privilege to peep into a lil of my life. Others don't get to see bcz they are not my friend. Get it?

Then ah, i also found out that i can delete msn contacts...hahahaha. deleted 50% of my contacts..lolz..if u're reading this blogpost, and u're are a friend of mine in my facebook, then most probably u're still in my msn contact list..


I just tot that the title sounds very funny..很搞笑
chichibabin reaction is in chapter 1 pg 42 slide 4 organic chem(that's if u're having the same notes as mine...otherwise im not sure what u're
Don't ask me why m i still at this chapter.... hee ^^

abit high ah


out of place

>> Monday, May 3, 2010

Met a few indian girlfriends to discuss about pass year paper. As I was justifying my answers, girl K ask girl S for clarification. I paused to let them digest. Then they started speaking in their mother tongue and all I understand was "O, double bond, elimination addition". As they were yepping away, suddenly girl S look at me and said


Then I stare at her and shook my head saying "I dunno what r y'all talking about"

So, this is how they feel when we start mandrinize the conversation.